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"Danny" - BIS BISS English & US Ch. Orlane´s Intrepid ROM

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One of those very special dogs that comes along once in a lifetime. We are truly privileged to have bred and owned this wonderful Lhasa, and can only hope that you have such a dog one day!

The sire of 36 American and 18 English Champions, and grandsire of many more! The dog that changed the breed!

The many thrills of his show career were matched only by the wonderful puppies that he produced. An influential sire in the US and England, he has left behind a legacy of beauty and showmanship that will never be forgotten. We look forward to the contributions of his progeny in coming generations with great anticipation.

Intrepid as a 10 months old youngster

I think when you're immersed in something of great interest, or passion, you aren't consciously striving for competitive records, wins, etc.- but more involved with the details of how each small step forward relates to past experiences. So it was with the birth of Intrepid on the 26th of September, 1976. Brandy, our housedog, was young and we were pleased that we had a daughter of the great Avenger dog; and she was well proportioned and pretty moving. Frankly, she was just one of many pretty bitches we had at the time, although special to us because of her personality. When we bred her to Buzzy (BIS Ch. Windsong's Gusto of Innsbrook), we hoped for a nice male to use in conjunction with the Inimitable kids. So we were pleased that she had 1 male pup born (would have liked to have had a couple of girls, too-but...)

He was a bright-eyed little guy with an inquisitive manner- kept climbing out of his whelping box and falling on his nose at a very early age and wiggled all over when picked up. As he gained his sea legs, and started running around, Brandy got tired of him very soon, and weaned him rather early. He was a small puppy, and very active but he was sound with no obvious faults.

We lived in Burlington, Iowa at the time, and the Langs (who owned Buzzy) visited us in their Christmas vacation when he was about 3 months old. They were completely enamored with the little gold pup, and wanted to take him back to Newark, DE so I wouldn't sell him!

At this time, I was in an unhappy situation, and planned to move to the east Coast We sold our home on Madison Ave., and John and Marge offered us their house to live in until we could find a place. We left in January, bringing those dogs we felt most important to our breeding program, but we had to leave some of them with others. Inimitable was left with Tom and Eileen Sorth, until such time as we settled in a new place, Ch. Orlane's Gold Chipper was left with his Co-Owner, but never returned to us. Chips was a real loss, we would have like to use him a great deal more, but such was not to be.

Jean Blyth had planned a trip to the US with Ann Matthews, and asked if she might visit us and see the dogs-so we arranged for her visit to Newark in early February. Jean liked Interpid as a 5 month old puppy, but was not particularly impressed. There were so many beautiful dogs that I think she was a little overwhelmed! She did ask that we send her what we felt would be something of quality to work with her already successful breeding program when she returned to England.

Dorothy Joan showing Intrepid in USA

Jean and I began regular correspondence after she got home, and we talked about breeding programs, what combinations would be likely to work well,.. She openly dicussed her Saxonsprings line and I, mine. I believe it was this honesty between us that led to the quality of the dogs that resulted from the cross.

Danny had the Orlane outline, perhaps a bit more moderate than Inimitable, but what I felt was perfect balance. You could see this at an early age, he really never changed much from 3 months until he left at 10 months. He was a bit steep in shoulder, with a long upper arm and elbows under him, a deep oval ribcage and short, strong loin and a highset tail completing this picture. He was cream colored as a youngster, but the darkened honey-gold came as he matured. What was outstanding was his "presence" or attitude - he loved to be the center of attention and was a natural in the show ring.

Neither of us had found serious genetic flaws in the lines and on that basis the American dogs were selected - Danny (to become Intrepid at Jean´s suggestion), and two bitches down from Inimitable with outcrossed dams. I thought Danny was a bit refined, but at eight months he still had a beautiful outline, superb temperament and flowing movement. We took Danny along to a show where Buzzy was being shown, and moved him outside on the grass to show him off a bit. There was a shout in the distance, and Bob Sharp came running up. "Who is that?" he demanded to know. And his next question was "Is he for sale?". bob certainly had an eye for a dog, he was stricken to find the dog already promissed to export for Jean!

Bob and others, tried their best to discourage me from sending Danny to England.. why would I send my "best", a second grade dog would do as well.. He would never be appreciated over there, much too different, and so on.. I listened, but felt if we were going to send something over, it had better be good to represent us as well. The cost of quaranteen was a major factor, Jean was not wealthy, so we took a token payment, and Jean would have to make up the rest. Six long months of quaranteen and who knows how well the dogs were treated or what they were exposed to. It must have been hard on them, as the Rocky grandaughters succumbed to a virus infection and Danny came out of it with permanently pitted teeth.

Jean loved her imports, but wasn´t used to softer coats and she had a lot of problems keeping length and volume on them. I suggested different things and she tried various products and methods. and when I visited, we went over the process together and Jean was a fast learner. Still, it all took time. I remember some of the first photos of Danny in his early wins - a different method of stacking, coat not on the floor, but the English judges didnt seem to mind.

The rest is history, as they say. Intrepid´s offsprings made a mark in the wolrd of Lhasa Apsos. His son Ch. Saxonsprings Hackensack won BIS at Crufts 1984, his daughter Ch. Saxonsprings Fresno is still a CC record holding bitch in the UK and there are many more. We could not be more thrilled about it. The Saxonsprings-Orlane lines just clicked and resulted in beautiful dogs of both worlds. We were delighted to share our lives with Intrepids son from his first litter in the UK - Ch. Saxonsprings Alamo and several others. They were all very important for our line. Matthew, our youngest import from Ireland came from these old lines and is proving that the quality is still there.

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