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"Alamo" - BIS BISS UK & US & International Ch. Saxonsprings Alamo

Alamo winning BOB at Westminster Dog Show in 1983

* pedigree *

Alamo was a famous son of Intrepid from his first litter born in England. Actually, he sired it just two days after arriving to Saxonsprings. He was shown in England gaining his title there and then all over Europe winning prestigous shows and titles. Then he came to America, where he retired and spent the rest of his life at Orlane kennel

When Jean first approached me about sending Alamo over here, I was thrilled. What a scoop - a beautiful Intrepid son, winner of the "World Show", and an English Champion! When he arrived, Linda and I were both smitten - what a charmer, and it didn't take him long to finish his American Championship!

Alama being shown in Europe winning a Group at Dortmund dog show and then being shown in America. Different style of handling?

He got along with all of our dogs, in fact - a little too well! We began finding bitches being bred without our help - in fact, Alamo would climb over or dig under fences to get to the girls! He was a true Casanova, never missing a chance to father new offspring.

...showing at the Garden and with Dorothy Joan in the arms after his win!

Alamo was perfect in size - just under 11 inches, and what a wonderful coat! Great texture, easy to keep and it just kept growing. We had to trim it often while showing him. He was a rich gold in color, with blackest pigment - and he could really move, when he wanted to!

He went to the Westminster show and showed like a dream in the classes, going Best of Breed. However, after another bath and more trimming, by the time he got to the Group (under Edd Biven), he was a bit put out. Edd told me to take him down and back, "not too fast" so off we went. Or should I say, off I went! Alamo was not going anywhere! So ... after dragging him down and back, we went back in line, and Edd never looked at us again. Can't say I blamed him, but I could have shot Alamo - here was our big chance, I knew Edd liked the dog after he went over him. Such are the vicissitudes of life - it just wasn't our day.

Retired Alamo at Orlane kennel. Picture taken by Mr. & Mrs. Scheels from Denmark

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