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"Imp" - Ch. Orlane´s Impudent of Windwick

* pedigree *

A most influentail "Rotten Son" and Sire of many top Champions.

"Imp" was sold as a show propesct to Mike and Charlotte (St. Louis), and was a finished Champion when Pat Keen first saw him, felt his potential was being wasted, and asked Mike if she could take the dog and "Special" him on the west in return for using him at stud. Pat had made several arrangements like this, and would continue to do so, to ake advantage of bloodlines she felt useful in her breeding program.

This proved to be a excellent arrangement for Hylan-Shotru, with Imp producing many beautiful Champions, including Ch. Hylan-Shotru Stetson for them. However, Imp was not really ever specialed, as he was only shown a few times and Mike and I were disappointed that he wasn't given more exposure. Eventually I flew to California to pick up Imp, Birdie and her puppy and Imp came to live with us. Mike was under pressure from a new job, to many dogs, and asked us to keep Imp for a time, and it was eventually decided that he would live with us on a co-ownership with Mike, where Mike could use him as desired.

He had a long and happy life with us, a tough old man that lived to be over 14 and sired many lovely youngsters for us. The last litter by Imp produced our Ch. Orlane's Nellie Bligh, whom we consider to be the most representative of Orlane of any of our dogs, and Imp's influence will live on for many years to come here to Orlane.

Ch. Orlane´s Nellie Bligh - Imp´s daughter, one of our top producing bitches

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