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"Easy" - Ch. Orlane´s Easy Does It

* pedigree *

Easy is one of the most influential sires at Orlane. He is behind many great dogs and Champions.

We've had a lot of fun with Easy, he's been so nice to work with. He's always been an easy-going Lhasa, eats anything, coat maintenance next to nothing, and just went along with us whatever we expected of him. Pat Martello enjoyed showing him, he was never any trouble for her, finished his title so quickly that very few people ever saw hin in the ring.

Just a youngster, Easy has sired very few litters, but they show much promise. We are not particularly interested in specialing dogs - we do show those that we feel are exceptional to their Championships. After finishing, most are cut down, and allowed to run in our 2 acre yard-they get along pretty well, old as well as young dogs. Delaware has temperate weather, and the Lhasas love it outside and are experts at digging holes!

This is Easy´s beautiful sire - Ch. Orlane´s O.J.

Here is our beautiful Ch. Orlane´s Francine - Easy´s dam.

Pictures above is Easy´s dam Francine. Her magnificent coat just grew and grew, had to be trimmed monthly. Franny never did anything halfway, and was always a good mother to her babies. She was an exceptional bitch with an amazing pedigree.

Easy´s sister - Ch. Orlane´s Glory Be

On the left is Orlane's Glory Be, winning BOB at Trenton 98 under judge Mr. Ranier Vuorinen. She is a sister to Easy, and has been waiting in the wings to be shown, starting off very well so far! She's a very pretty, moderate bitch.

We would like to think that Easy and Glory epitomize many of the qualities we look for in a Lhasa here at Orlane. Medium size without being "toyish" or fragile, beautiful coat of proper texture and the marvelous Orlane temperament which we have worked so hard to keep over the years.

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