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"Rotten" - Ch. Orlane´s Inimitable ROM

* pedigree *

Truly an inimitable (*incapable of being imitated) Lhasa, Rotten got his name by being a spoiled housebrat!
Bred by Dorothy Kendall in Burlington, Iowa, and raised in Newark, Delware by John and Marge Lang, he had the best of both worlds - a show dog and a pet.

Rotten loved life, people, the Lhasa ladies, and above all, the show ring-he gave his all in everything he did. Like his Grandfather Sparky, his wonderful ability to pass on his winning characteristics was awesome and continues in following generations even today. Style - a word that summarized this dog well, he stood out in competition. From his first major win at 10 months of age at the Detroit Specailty under judge Anna Katherine Nicholas, to his finishing major with Tom Sorth. He had many admirers from spectators to his competitors.

The young 10 months old Rotten with Dorothy Kendall and on right is one of his BOB wins with Tom.

Tom and Eileen Sorth from Missouri kept Rotten during our move to the East Coast, and during his first five years, he only produced 3 litters. At home in Delware, his producing ability soon became readily apparent. When he died at 14 years of age, he had 39 Champions to his credit, and finished with a total of 45 to become one of the great producers of the breed.

No matter how carefully a breeding program is arranged, there will always be some mishaps, and "lucky" happenings that prove most fortunate! Rotten's dam, Sassy Satin had been sold to a young couple in Burlington at three months of age, but they returned her as not "good enough" because she was "undershot". Trying to explain that an undershoot mouth was normal for a Lhasa Apso was a waste of time to their Vet, so we wound up keeping her. Thank Heavens we did!

Here are two pictures of our beautiful Rotten. First is in his glory and on the second picture 10 years old Rotten. The second picture is taken by Birte Scheels from Denmark.

There are no perfect dogs, or at least we've not had any(!), and Rotten was no exception. While he excelled in structure, movement, and showmanship, his head was not his fortune. His scrambled dentition kept him from ever being a top Specials competitor, which I'm sure he approved of as this gave him more time to patrol his domain and engage in "chicken chasing" whenever possible. We tried to keep a few chickens on our little "farmette", but they were a constant source of outrage to our Lhasas, especially Rotten, so we soon gave that up on the chickens!

Linebred heavily on Sparky, Rotten made it possible for us to continue the line well into the 80's and has probably been our most influential stud dog.

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