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"Buzzy" - BIS BISS Ch. Windsongs´s Gusto of Innsbrook ROM

* pedigree *

Buzzy was a glamorous Lhasa with his magnificent coat and "Here I Am" attitude, he could not be overlooked. I handled him for Dr. John and Marge Lang of Newark, DE. What a sweet dog, certainly one of my favourites. John and Marge had come to me looking for a dog they could special - since I had nothing at the time, I called Liz Mosely in Texas as she had told me about a beautiful litter sired by her Ch. Annie´s Golden Fluff.

Liz told me about two males that she thought were really special, especially the deep red one. I´d heard the gold dog was even better, so I asked Liz if she could send them both for us to look at and she agreed. Well, they were beautiful, but I couldn´t take my eyes off the pretty little gold male, so I told John and Marge about him, and they agreed to buy him. The red boy went back home, and the gold kid went to Delaware to grow up and become beautiful (at least we hoped he would).About four months later, when Buzzy was 8 months old, Marge called to tell me he was ready to show. I told her to relax and wait till he was in coat enough to compete in open. She insisted he was, I was skeptical. Another two months went by and Marge called again, swearing that Buzzy was ready for the ring. Since I had an opening, I relented, thinking I would have to wait at least another two months to get him ring ready. What a surprise when he leaped out of the crate into my arms dripping in hair, enough for a specials dog! Wow, was I taken aback! Taught me to never underestimate people again!

Here is Buzzy winning one of his BIS and his rug throphy!

In fact I think he lost a couple of shows because the judges couldn´t understand why a dog with that much coat was still in open. Every dog has a story that goes with him. Buzzy´ sire was no exception. Liz Mosely had bought a gold bitch as a pet, and her maid who was Mexican, owned a little black Lhasa. They decided to breed them to see what happened. I had given the black male (Orlane´s Inky of Sagemont) to a friend, who in turn had given him to the maid. Inky´s bloodlines and confirmation were beautiful, but he was such a tiny dog, about 7 and a half pounds, I never tried to show him. Liz´s girl was out of Sparky´s grandaughter. Strange how things happen!

So Liz had this pretty litter of puppes and had sold them all. Four months later, one buyer came back with a silver male puppy saying she was unable to keep up all that hair and wanted Liz to take him back. Of course, Liz was smitten with the pup and decided to keep him. She gave him to Mike Kemp to show and Fluff finished in 7 shows and went on to win a Group! That´s how he got his name, from his first pet owner.

Buzzy´s size - you can tell why his first owner named him Fluff!

Ch. Annie's Golden Fluff

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