So, what is more adorable then an armful of fluffy baby Lhasa Apsos?

Nothing that we know of! Here are three little guys about 9 weeks old, full of curiosity, and full of kisses! At twelve weeks, they'll be ready to go to their new homes...they'll have had all puppy shots, are weaned, and ready to explore life inside and out. They keep me laughing!

Their mother is getting pretty tired of them by now- She's certainly done her part, and lets me know I can handle it from here on. She's tired of these little bundles of energy hanging on her ears, tail or whatever they can reach- She hops up on the sofa to escape them- Hmmmmmm, safe for now!

All of our Lhasas have a lifetime written guarantee on health and temperament. We want to know if any problems develop in our bloodlines, and will replace any pup or adult that isn't completely satisfactory for any reason, at anytime! We also want people to know that the only place you can get a "real Orlane" Lhasa Apso is from ME!

Although your Lhasa may have Orlane dogs behind him/her (and we're extremely proud of the work done by many other breeders who have used our dogs), remember that doesn't make them "Orlane"! Our kennel name is our trademark, and it's important to know that it stands for a certain look, style, or type and while others may copy it, there is really only one, original ....ORLANE!

We have 7 beautiful Orlane puppies born at home now!

The are out of Tim, Ch. Orlane's Turn Back Time and Annie, Ch. Orlane's Oh So Easy.

Here they are, just few hours after the birth. We just adobre puppies!

Here are just a few puppies of the litter, growing up...

There are 6 boys and one girl in the litter. they are now 8 weeks old and looking very promissing! We are so pleased with the beautiful heads, bodies, as well and wonderful rears. They are all colored in different shades of gold, some with black and some with white markings. All with wonderful pitch black pigmentations.