Our philosophy

Philosophy...according to webster's "A system of principles for guidance in practical affairs"; and we agree that breeding dogs is of the utmost practicality!

In today's world, there is no room for all the unwanted animals produced by indiscriminate breeding. There are no excuses, no reasons why, if we are prepared to produce puppies, that we are not prepared to follow their eventual disposition...and even take them back, if necessary. Some breeders are prepared to "cull" litters by euthanizing unwanted puppies, even for mismarks or other cosmetic reasons...we don't agree with this pratice, but at least they aren't placing dogs carelessly. We sometimes have older Lhasas available for adoption-please contact us for more information on them. We warn you, our standards for placement are as tough as for those we sell!

Humane life seems to have little value today, and even less for animals.. we who love our dogs must take the responsibility of making sure every puppy goes into the home or situation where he will maintain a long and happy life. We don't euthanize (kill) our older dogs that are no longer producing; they live out their lives with us until sickness or death takes them from us. This means that we can't breed as many litters as we'd like. Some of our champions are 3 or 4 years old before they ever produce a litter, and some of our "Seniors" are as old as 15! but the old fellows that have given us so much are deserving of our gratitude, devotion, and the best possible care.

For this reason we don't always have puppies available. We don't offer our stud dogs at public service because we want to know where every one of their puppies go. We don't sell breeding stock-if they're not good enough to show, they're not good enough to breed, and we have high standards for show stock. Sometimes we work with a breeder to help establish a breeding program....but ONLY of we know their standards are similar to ours.

Our pet puppies are guaranted pure breeding in writing for their lifetime against congenital or inherited defects, and are free of disease and parasites. We don't register pet puppies, only those we keep for ourselves. We do guarantee pure breeding, and furnish the AKC registration numbers of the parents as well as a 5 generation pedigree. We will do our part to avoid exploitation of our dogs, while continuing to strive for perfection in their quality.
Puppies are socailized in our home, played with and allowed to explore our two acres when they're weaned. They learn "discipline" from the older dogs, while learning to be "housedogs" ....this gives them a well-balanced attitude going into new homes. In short every puppy is raised to be loved, to be a pal, a companion, a showdog, or an obedience dog....all in one!

We are "responsible" breeders. We welcome your visits, and enjoy showing off our Lhasas, young and old-and will share with you our knowledge of the Breed garnered over the thirty plus years we've had them. we think Lhasas are very special little canines, not suited for everyone, but to those that love them, they have so much to give in return. Would that we were as good as our dogs see us...they deserve the best we can give them.


Our Guarantee

All pet puppies are sold on a complete health and temperament guarantee, in writing for the lifetimeof the dog. This guarantee includes congenital or inherited defects, and if one of our dogs should develop any such problem later in life, we want to know and will replace the dog free of charge.