The story of Orlane

Linda Kendall Smith showing Ch. Orlane's Jack Flash (on the left)
and Dorothy Joan Kendall showing Ch. Daragoj Finishing Touch (right).

Orlane kennel is built on a mother - daughter cooperation. It was established by Dorothy Joan Kendall in the 60´s. Dorothy Kendall was a Miniature Schnauzer breeder who fell in love with Lhasa Apsos, She used to work as a professional handler and her daughter Linda was always by her side. Linda Kendall Smith grew up with Lhasas, started grooming them with her mother when she was 12 and since she was very good at it, the job to keep their dogs beautiful was hers. Over the years Linda took over the breeding program of Orlane and she carries it on protecting the line, with her mother by her side.

How it all started (by Dorothy Joan Kendall)

I saw a picture of a small gold dog draped over this woman's shoulder in a picture, and thought how beautiful it was ans discovering it was a Lhasa Apso aroused my interest. I subscribed to the Dog World at this time, so I looked for advertisers, and found just two - Gloria Fowler in California, and the Hamilton Farms Kennel in Las Vegas, Nevada (we lived in Burlington, Iowa at this time). I wrote to both of them, asking for a female, and Gloria answered in a small, scribbly note with a swatch of hair included. I could hardly read the note but called Gloria, and she offered me a small red female and a 3 mos. old male - the pair for $300. She said I could always sell the male if I didn't like him! I took a chance and had her send them to me - I'll never forget the day I got home from the airport with the two small crates.

I opened them in the front yard, and out walked this 3 month gold male, tail straight up in the air, proud and independent even at that age, and he acted like he owned the place! Flame was quite a bit more hesitant - and took some coaxing to get her our, but what a beautiful little dog she was! A flowing red-gold coat, blackest pigment, level back and beautiful tail draped over her back. I asked Gloria about their heads, as I thought they were a bit shorter than I'd expected. Nevertheless, I was enchanted.

These were Chs. Kai-Sangs Flame of Everglo, and Everglo's Spark of Gold (Sparky). Little did I know about the Hamilton Farms controversy at this time, and the anger engendered by my future successes with these dogs. All I knew were they were sound, well mannered, and I was determined to show them.

I was breeding Miniature Schnauzers and showing them, with moderate success - and had a grooming shop. This kept me pretty busy, I was learning about grooming all this time, and learning about canine structure as well. Grooming a Min Schnauzer is a serious business - taking about 10 weeks to strip (pull) out the coat in sections, grow the leg and chin hair, and work and train the dog. Lhasas were easy compared to this!

I had learned to do my own ear cropping from Dr. Sedlacek in Plainfield, Illinois - but I hated doing it, and watching the puppies come out from under the anesthetic. They were so pitiable, sore and wanted to scratch their ears but couldn't because of the pain. I loved the natural Lhasa Apsos - no tail docking, no rear cropping - just brushing and combing the coat on a regular basis.

I wasn't too great on coat management - but I learned the hard way how to demat a coat! (My daughter is much better at this than I, and her dogs are in fabulous condition because of her dedication!) When I took my Lhasas to their first show, it was a riot! My dogs were freshly bathed, perfectly parted from nose to tail, trimmed, and trained - the competition was not clean and not very pretty! After five grey bitches went in the ring, the judge looked relieved when I walked in with Flame - and she won Best of Breed handily. I was hooked!

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